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As President of the West Louisville Tennis Club, Inc., this year's 2017 Season will prove to be one of great expansion for the Club in terms of membership increase, youth programming and facilities improvements.  

Know that we are dedicated to the game of tennis and to the community that we are engaged in.  Similar to a ministry, our spirit and fervor for the game looks to share the game and bring together people of color to build a congregation of tennis and non-tennis players for athletic, competitive and social networking.

We are faced with a changing landscape and with these changes, the membership will look at ways to deliver our message of hope and betterment to the West End community.

Some of the plans set for this year are:

      1. The adoption of St. Francis  High School's tennis program to feed our youth initiatives

      2. The  adoption of the West End Boy's School to develop and foster middle school tennis in the West End

      3. Make our Tuesday and Thursdays "King of the Hill" active play to include incentives of bag tags and other tennis-related rewards to promote even more competition

      4. Introduce more clay court tournaments to promote both the Park and an alternative for competitions

      5. In conjunction with WLOU's Summerfest, hold a black Tennis History exhibit and host a Celebrtiy tournament  to coincide with the music festival on the tenative date of June 10th, 2017.  We will pay  tribute to the rich  history of the  Club, and promote the game as an alternative sport for our youths to play

      6. Engage in youth initiatives to reduce violence and offer  safe place for kids to socialize in the Park

      7. Host summer activities that offer free meals to youths ages 2 - 18 during summer camps

      8. Completion and approval of our 501(c)(3) non-profit status

Knowing that these are very ambitious ideas that challenge the mind-set of the WLTC; it reflects  a larger much-needed opportunity for the West End of Louisville to develop healthy, safe recreation that will build minds as well as bodies.  This will lead into opportunites for the WLTC to become even more self-sustaining and bridging the gap between our elders and our youths.

This can only be made possible by those willing to invest time and energy to promote our endeavors of collaborations with other West End  groups, the USTAKY, PTR, the Mayor's Office and state leadership, to see this vision come to reality.

I pray that our efforts are obedient in our community service and that with your support, we can achieve all that we can fathom to be a Point of Light in the West End.

Respectfully and Sincerely,
Matthew A. Taylor, III